1. red-lipstick:

    MenervaTau aka Menerva Tau - Somnium, 2011     Drawings: Pencils on Schoeller Paper

  2. red-lipstick:

    Danny O’Connor aka ArtByDoc aka DOC (UK) - Copy Paper Challenge, 2013      Drawings: Pencils on A4 Copy Paper

  3. red-lipstick:

    DariaGALLERY aka Daria (Ukraine) - Dark Room, 2013       Paintings

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    ☀follow for more summer☀

  5. surfursparadise:

    ☀follow for more summer☀

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    She’s beautiful

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    following back tons!

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    Sooooo over the last couple of months I’ve run out of commissions to do SO its giveaway time!

    Must be following exracehorse and Great-perhapss and Joe-Bellamy

    Reblog as many times as you like!

    Winner will get an A3 painting - Normally sell these for  $100 each

    Get reblogging! Will draw winner when this has 300 notes!

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    Wedge wavescape

    Ph: DJ Struntz

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    I so wish i could paint

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